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Media Player
HD media, panoramas, drone shots… our player can do it!
No Video? No Problem!
Transform photos into video with our slideshow converter
Powerful Editing Features
Edit with tools like audio re-recording (narrate your tours!)
Leads Capture
Convert leads & close prospects, sync with your CRM or use ours
Don't replace your site or software, OHV integrates with everything!
MLS Compliance
Each tour has a MLS-compliant version for linking in regulated spaces

Fast & Easy Virtual Tour Builder

Revitalize your marketing process (and results)! We're laser-focused on providing the most impressive and professional online presentation for your properties, with easy setup and publication in just minutes.

State-Of-The-Art Media Displays

We're constantly adding new features, and many are by user request! If you don't see something you need to make the best virtual tours possible, let us know what it is! We're responsive, agile, and easy to talk to :)

100% Customizable!

Everything about your tours, landing pages, and media displays is customizable! Add your personal branding and/or agency branding, show only the elements you want, and choose how it's all formatted.

Best-In-Class Technology

Our modern technology stack delivers the best, fastest, and most intuitive tours with an up-to-date interface that buyers find easy to navigate. Contact us with any tech questions you have, we love to nerd out!

Tour Analytics

You won't miss a beat with the tour analytics provided in your dashboard, which includes visitor counts, traffic sources, leads, conversion rates, etc. You'll know what's working and what needs an extra push!

Online Promotion Tools

Want to show your new virtual tours to the world? We have social sharing capabilities for that. Want to text or email potential buyers directly instead? We've got you covered.

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How Does It Work?

Capture Some Content!

Whether you're gathering media yourself on a smartphone or hiring pros with big rig equipment, OpenHouseVideo makes it easy to use your content no matter the source. The player supports videos and pictures for easy viewing as well as 180° & 360° panoramas for immersing potential buyers in the property.
real estate video tour content recording
upload and organize real estate media videos pictures

Upload To A Tour

Uploading is a simple drag-and-drop (or point-and-click if you prefer) and if you wish to reorder the content at any time that's also an easy drag-and-drop! The interface is intuitive and built for ease-of-use.
uploading real estate listing virtual tour media videos pictures

Enhance & Customize

OpenHouseVideo provides everything necessary to take your virtual tour to the next level. One of our commonly used editing features helps you re-record audio over your uploaded videos. Never worry about unwanted sound(s) while recording on-property again! Narrate the walk-through as you would in-person and host a true tour experience, or simply add some pleasant music.

No video? No problem! A slideshow video can be created in seconds from the tour's uploaded pictures, made from the images you select and in the order you specify.
style your virtual tour

Display Your Way

Your virtual tours can display as a full landing page (on your branded URL) or as a compact player embeddable on any website. Choose from one of our preset color schemes or create your own!

Virtual tour features and sections can be turned on/off with the click of a button, and for each tour a MLS-compliant version is provided (for linking and embedding on sites that require compliance).
style your virtual tour

Share & Promote!

Text or email your prospective buyers with the virtual tour link, or use OpenHouseVideo's social media sharing capabilities to spread the word to everyone!

Track the success of your promotion efforts with tour analytics which includes visitor stats, traffic sources, coversion rate, etc.
share promote real estate virtual tour
convert and sell more real estate

Convert Potential Buyers

Great virtual tours are also lead magnets. OpenHouseVideo allows you to host a lead form that prospective buyers can use to contact you. Message with them directly via the dashboard or integrate your favorite CRM and manage communication from there!
convert and sell more real estate

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How Does It Look?

Professional & Modern Landing Pages

First impressions are all-important in our fast-paced online world, where a buyer's attention could move on to another tour with the tap of a finger. That's why OpenHouseVideo delivers virtual tours to your audience with blazing speed, polished designs, and (of course) an intuitive easy-to-use layout.

Immersive & Versatile Media Players

We've found that real estate can be presented with media of all types and in various formats. OHV supports HD videos, HD images, 180 & 360 panoramas (with interactive viewing controls), and all media types can be displayed inside the default player for a truly streamlined experience.

Conversion-Focused Layouts

Impressive virtual tours aren't very useful if they can't convert interested buyers into leads. OpenHouseVideo includes a set of conversion options customizable to your liking, helping you turn clicks into conversations.

Embeddable "Compact Player" For Your Website

Have your own website and want to show off your tours there? No problem! OHV's compact player is the perfect solution for embedding your tour into any website. Choose the pieces you want to show/hide in order to avoid duplicate information between your website and the embedded player.

Who is it for? (+ Pricing)


This is our original & most popular plan. You'll have complete control of your virtual tours including design, media display, personal branding, leads, & more!

Agent Pricing  (Starting at $19.99/mo)


The Broker account will help you manage all tours, templates, and settings from one place while providing Agents their own individual logins and controls.

Broker Pricing  (Starting at $44.99)/mo

Media Vendors

If you produce real estate media, there's an account type for you too! It's completely free unless you choose to sponsor your clients' accounts.

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Interested in co-marketing with Agents on tours as a Lender? By request of our users and partners, there's an account type for that well!

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